Isometrycality was founded in 1996 by Richard Welch, who found an island which from a map looked like it was in an isometrical view.


Isometrycality is a democratic socialist government, meaning that the people have a lot of freedom. We have free public services, like healthcare. The current president of Isometrycality is Francis Alcionas, elected in 2013, re-elected in 2017. Each president can serve up to 2 terms. The first term is 4 years, while the second is five. The citizens have the ability to impeach the president at any time so that we don't get an unfair government. The currency in Isometrycality is the Tangest, indicated by the ~ symbol; There are no other forms of currency smaller than a tangest, so you just split it into a decimal or fraction. ~1 is equal to exactly $100

Francis Alcionas


Literature is big in isometrycan culture. Some notable works of writing include:

  • The Legend of Joseph Santleston, By Quincy Casuatach, a man named Joseph gets trapped inside a giant scientific facility. He has to make his way out of the facility before The Red Eyed Robots find him.
  • The Monkeys of the Cerulean Jungle, By Samual Kansan, The Cerulean Jungle, believe it or not, is a real place in Isometrycality! Although it's actually called the Inversity jungle, the citizens call it the Cerulean Jungle because of the abundance of blue flowers there.

These are just some of the amazing works of writing in Isometrycality. A significant part of the writing in Isometrycality is childrens literature, and books like the The Spider in the Forest of Grass are very succesful. Another important piece of writing in Isometrycality is the basis of the social structure, written in 1997. It explains the idea of the social structure, which we will get to later.


Watch this video on the geography of Isometrycality!

Isometrycality is the home of some of the best onion farms in the world because of the rich soil. Geography is one of the best qualities of Isometrycality.


Art in Isometrycality is about as important as writing and there are some very good works of art in Isometrycality. Glass blowing, and 3D art in general is very popular in Isometrycality, so you will see big colorful glass installations commonly in Isometrycality. Aritisans export their glasswares all over the world.

  • Isometrycality Badge: This is the logo that I showed at the beginning of the website. It also appears on the Isometrycality flag.
  • Tondre la Pelouse: This is actually not a french painting, it was made by Elliot Monsoon, who just added the french name "to make it seem more fancy". It is a painting of a standard living room, but everything looks to be melting.
  • Some of the best art in Isometrycality is pixel art, including the badge. Pixel art is more relavent in Isometrycality culture because it usually uses bright colors, which play a part in the religion, Chromelatiscism, which we will get to next.

Isometrycality flag


Here's a video on the religion of Isometrycality.

Colors in Chromelaticism represent morals. For example red represents to treat others the way you want to be treated, green reminds people to always tell the truth., blue reminds people not to judge others, purple reminds people to have courage, yellow reminds people to be dependable, orange reminds people not to cheat, and pink reminds people to keep promises.


Isometrycality has the same technology as most modern civilizations, but, Isometrycality has solved many problems with technology. Like the falling rocks on the mountains. We have people wear a special type of hardhat made of metal, and most of the big boulders that could fall have guard rails around them. To protect from floods, we have stom drains surrounding the beach, which connect to water turbines, and because of this Isometrycality is switching to 75% clean energy. Isometrycality has only 2 cell phone towers, for the 2 big cities. We are still using 4G LTE however, rather than the much faster 5G.


The social structure in Isometrycality is very simple. People who volunteer and do nice things are higher in the social structure. Social structure does not affect the kind of job you can get, nor your education. But, people who are higher in the social structure get an extra ~3 every year, which is exactly 300 USD. Since Isometrycality was only founded in 1996, it wasn't around when social structure was more prevalent, but a simpler social structure is still here to honor those nice people in the world.


I hope you found my presentation on the civilization of Isometrycality interesting. If you would like to know more feel free to ask questions. Thank you for listening, and see you in Isometrycality.

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